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Complications with OrthoK and How to Clinically Address Them

Orthokeratology uses gas permeable (GP) lenses to reshape the cornea, primarily for myopic correction. This technology has traditionally benefited adults looking to shed corrective lenses during the day. Increasingly, OrthoK is recognized as an effective

troubleshooting OrthoK

Troubleshooting OrthoK

Troubleshooting in OrthoK is best done when all of the crucial decision-making information is obtained for every visit. Critical follow-up information includes: History Taking: Use patient history to understand if your clinical results will be

topography based fitting

Topography-Based Fitting Can Improve OrthoK Efficiency

As new technology becomes available, the fitting process has become streamlined, improving the first fit success rate and reducing chair time for each patient. When fitting patients with orthokeratology lenses, there are three primary ways

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