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Practice Management

OrthoK specialty

First Steps in Setting Up Your OrthoK Specialty

When asked how to implement a successful and robust OrthoK program in an optometric practice, I advise colleagues that a timeline is the place to start. I suggest a three-month timeline. A deadline of 90

getting started with OrthoK

The Essentials of Getting Started with OrthoK

In our practice, we specialize in Ortho-K, and two aspects are critical to our success: 1) the use of fitting sets in the contact lenses we select for our patients and 2) specialized scheduling. We

patient mangaement

Orthokeratology Patient Management and Follow-Up

There is tremendous skill and clinical time invested when carrying out an orthokeratology (OrthoK) fit. The ensuing processes are of equal importance to the fitting procedure, including the follow-up schedule and instructional review of care

history of orthokeratology

The History of Orthokeratology: How Far Have We Come?

It’s 2022, and eye care practitioners worldwide are prescribing myopia management interventions to reduce myopia progression in children and teenagers. In most professional circles, myopia is no longer viewed as simply a refractive error but

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